Understanding Wills & Probate Law

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When a loved one has passed, whether they have a will in place or not, the will must go through probate to be approved before the distribution of assets. Not only will you need legal representation for probate to protect your rights, but also to ensure that any outstanding debt or taxes are paid, so that you won’t have to worry about it. The will lawyers at the Law Office of Maureen K. Llanas can assist you through the probate process to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Our Will Lawyers Will Help You Find Solutions That Protect Your Interests

Many people take for granted everything that is involved with the probate process. It is not as simple as taking items listed in the will and distributing them to the proper parties. Before any of that can happen, any bills, debts, or taxes must be paid in full. This will eliminate the chances of any future headaches. From there, our probate attorney can assist with the will and even help with the case if anyone chooses to contest the will. For more information on working with a will lawyer or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!

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