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When a loved one has passed, their estate must go through the process of probate to determine the validity of their will before the property of their estate can be distributed. This process includes the collection of assets, liquidating liabilities, and ensuring that all necessary taxes and debts are paid or distributed to the surviving heirs. Having the right will lawyers can help you understand this stressful process and ensure that the estate of the deceased is properly divided according to their wishes.

Our Will Lawyers Will Help You Find Solutions That Protect Your Interests

Our attorneys respect our clients and their wishes. Offering compassionate legal counsel, we will work hard to minimize the time the estate spends in probate. Should a relative die “intestate” or without a will in place, the courts will appoint a representative who will oversee the distribution of property. Our team of probate lawyers can help you handle any unforeseen complications, or if someone should choose to contest the will.

For questions regarding setting up trusts, wills or estate planning, please call our estate lawyers to schedule a consultation.

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