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Your legal issues can seem overwhelming and daunting. When is it necessary to call a lawyer? Who do I call when I need help? These are often the questions that everyday Americans like you will ask. When it comes to legal assistance, it is important to find a dedicated attorney that you can trust. When you find yourself in a legal situation, there is only one name to call in Boerne, TX – The Law Office of Maureen K. Llanas.

It is important to seek counsel anytime you are involved in a legal manner. When choosing a lawyer, there are a few key items to consider. You want to always be sure to contact a bar-certified attorney. Otherwise, you run the risk of being misguided or having someone take advantage of you. It is also important to retain a lawyer that has experience with cases like yours, regardless if your issue stems from business law, family law, estate planning, or even criminal law.

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The Law Offices of Maureen K. Llanas

The Law Office of Maureen K. Llanas has been helping families and individuals throughout Boerne, TX, and the surrounding communities, with their legal troubles for more than 20 years. Her experience, combined with her compassion, dedication, and unmatched attention to detail, gives her clients an edge, no matter what type of case they are facing. The Law Office of Maureen K. Llanas specializes in family law, divorce, adoption law, probate cases, and even estate planning.

Whether you are a stepparent or a foster parent looking to adopt and need an adoption attorney or need help protecting your family for the future with estate planning, The Law Office of Maureen K. Llanas is ready and able to assist in every way possible.

When you need assistance with adoption services, probate, or will lawyer who will be completely committed to you and your needs, contact The Law Office of Maureen K. Llanas today at 210-545-0050 to schedule your initial consultation

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